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Automatic Servo Feeder Machine For Galvanized Sheet

  • Model:NCFJ-400
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, Etc

Product Details

Quick Details
Use:SheetPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Brand Name:JiedaVoltage:380V/Customize
Power(W):1.3KWDimension(L*W*H): 1100*750*950mm
Weight:420kgCertification:CE and ISO
Warranty:1 YearMaterial thickness:0.2-3.0mm
Material width:0-400mm Feed length:99999.99mm 
Color:CustomizeServo motor:Japan yaskawa
Feeding direction:CustomizePLC:Japan Mitsubishi
Max speed:0-16m/minMarket:Global
Feeder roller:Two rollerPackaging details:Wooden box
Supply Ability:15 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery detail:telephone conversation
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and training Port:Shenzhen/guangzhou port

Product Application:
1. Drill 2-4 holes according to the position and size of the mounting plate hole, and fix the mounting plate on it.
2. Lift the main part with a sling, align the keys between the sliding plate and the mounting plate, and fix the main body to the mounting plate with the two matching screws.
3. When the feeding height level position is inconsistent with the die stamping, the NC feeder slide will have an adjustment of about 100mm for adjustment. at this time, the two bolts on the skateboard can be loosened and fixed on the mounting plate. the bolts can change the horizontal position of the feeder and tighten the screws after the proper position.
4. Fix the mold to ensure that the mold is perpendicular to the direction of the roller and install the relaxed position on the punch slider. (note: If there is a distance between the pallet and the lower die when punching the thin material, the guiding device must be installed well, in order not to bend the material as a principle, and the mold should be fixed perpendicular to the roller. Otherwise, the material will be biased, and the feeding will have resistance, which will cause the length of the feed to vary.)
5. Connect the two sets of cam signal lines with the punching machine and place the feeding electromechanical box reasonably and check if it works normally.

NCFJ Coil Servo Feeder Machine Specification
Material width(mm)200300400
Material thickness(mm)0.2-3.0
Coil thickness(mm)2.0*200
Feeding length(mm)9999.99
Feeding directionLeft-right

Debugging method:
1. Start the uncoiler cum straightener machine and uncoiling move slowly, then manually pull the material head through the straightening machine, at the same time the operator set the feeding length on the touch screen of Nc servo feeder. press the relaxing buttom, make the upper rollerin the nc feeder machine rise out of the lower roller of to reach a completely relaxed state, and then pass the material head that has been straightened through the carrier to the feeder. In the feeder roller.
2. Continue feeding it so that the coil material head passes through the feeder into the punching die, and then adjust the position of the retaining wheel on the pallet according to the actual width of the material (note that the position of the material must be related to the actual material width) , after fixing, you need to manually pull the material to determine the smooth and non-blocking phenomenon when the material is stretched. If it is, you need to adjust the position of the stopper wheel appropriately, and check that the material does not enter the feeder, mold and punch. there is a skew phenomenon.
3, The actual single feeding test machine is divided into two cases: the quality of the reliable type is when the punching die and material are very small, very narrow, at this time the test machine does not NC servo feeder to perform the clamping action, direct manual traction to make the material completely enter the punching die until the mold discharge port, and then let the NC servo feeder perform the clamping action, then use the NC feeder handle to carry out the single feeding and the punching machine to test the machine; the second is when the mold and materials are when it is very wide, it is very cumbersome to use manual traction at this time, and the labor intensity is high. at this time, the NC feeder is required to perform the clamping action, so that the roller completely clamps the material, and then the jog handle of the NC feeder is used. It is slowly fed, and then a single feeding is carried out to test the machine. 

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