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Double Side Non Motorized Metal Strip Uncoiler Machine

  • Model:SMT-500
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, Etc

Product Details

Quick Details
Use:SheetPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Brand Name:JiedaVoltage:380V/Customize
Power(W): 7.5KWDimension(L*W*H): 1200*1900*1150mm
Weight:720kgCertification:CE and ISO
Warranty:1 YearMaterial thickness:0-3mm
Material width:0-500mm Coil.I.D:450-530mm
Color:CustomizeCoil weight: 2000kg*2
Coil.O.D:1200mmMotor: 2hp*2
Max speed:0-16m/minMarket:Global
Material:Coil materialPackaging details:Wooden box
Supply Ability: 8 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery detail:telephone conversation
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and training Port:Shenzhen/guangzhou port

Product Application:
1.In the process of stamping the motor stator and rotor, silicon steel bars are needed to make a large number of silicon steel punching sheets, and the raw material reserves of the silicon steel strips are in the form of silicon steel coils. in the process when punching silicon steel sheets, the silicon steel coils need to be uncoiled to made rotates continuously.
2.Thereby, the silicon steel strip is released, and the punched end continuously punches the continuously transferred silicon steel strip to form the desired silicon steel sheet.
3.The stator and rotor was made through a special purpose high speed line. for the first time, the servo motor and ultrasonic distance measurement method are integrated into the design and production of the uncoiler machine. the thickness of the silicon steel coil is measured by ultrasonic ranging to automatically control the uncoiling speed. through the synchronization and accurate.
4.In the actual use of uncoiler machine, the silicon steel coil is loaded on the material holder tray and driven by the servo motor. the ultrasonic distance measuring head measures the distance between itself and the silicon steel coil, and the silicon steel can be calculated. after the thickness of the roll is received by the motor controller, the speed of the servo motor can be adjusted.
5.Therefore, the speed of the silicon steel coil is adjusted, so that the speed of discharging the silicon steel strip is always stable, the smoothness and accuracy of the discharge are improved, the quality of the processed rotor and the finished product are fundamentally ensured, and the depreciation of the material rack and the feeder is slowed down. speed.

SMT Double Side Uncoiler Machine Specification
Model SMT-200SMT-300 SMT-400SMT-500
Material width(mm)200 300400500
Material thickness(mm)0-1.60-3.00-3.00-3.0
Coil weight(kg)500*21000*21500*22000*2

Work processing:
1. Arrange the double side uncoiler machine at the appropriate position in the stamping production line, so that the No. 1 uncoiler reel is at the roll up station. under the action of the rotary expansion and contraction cylinder of the No. 1 reel, the pull rod is pulled to drive each pyramid sleeve. the upper support tile is retracted to form the smallest circle.
2.Use a forklift or a crane to feed the coiled material onto the No. 1 reel of the uncoiler machine, cut the straps, open the drive device of the uncoiler press roller, push the swing arm to swing, and press the rubber lined roller on the material swing arm downward. the head of the tape.
3.The rotary expansion and contraction oil cylinder of the No. 1 reel is driven, and the pull rod is pushed to drive the supporting tile plates on the pyramid sleeves to extend and tighten the reel.
4. Install the A type backstop material on the outside of the double side uncoiler roll, and turn on the reduction motor to slowly rotate the No. 1 reel of the double side uncoiler machine, open the drive device of the pressing arm, and push the swing arm to swing.
5.The rubber lining roller on the swing arm is lifted upward to loosen the head of the steel strip, and the belt head is introduced into the pinch roller through the guide plate to establish tension, and the strip steel enters the subsequent leveler or feeder.
6.At the same time, the No. 2 reel of the double side uncoiler machine is transferred to the reeling station, and the process in the steps is repeated, and the No. 2 reel of the uncoiler is rolled up, and the unwinding process is detected.
7. After the uncoiling of the No. 1 reel of the double side uncoiler machine is completed, loosen the locking device of the double side uncoiler machine revolving platform to rotate the slewing support, and the No. 1 reel of the uncoiler machine is transferred to the reeling station for rewinding, detection and unwinding. operating.
8.The No. 2 reel of the uncoiler machine is turned to the uncoiling station, and the support arm of the outer support device moves upward to support the front end of the No. 2 reel, which is pushed by the hydraulic cylinder of the main transmission system.  

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