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Punch Press Servo Feeder wins widespread praise from customers

In recent years, Dongguan Jieda Machinery Punch Press Servo Feeder equipment has become the preferred equipment for more and more stamping customers due to its large appearance, small footprint, simple and smooth operation, high degree of automation, environmental protection and durability. We have won strong praise from customers at many customer sites. We express our sincere gratitude to Dongguan Jieda Machinery's high-quality three-in-one feeder equipment and high-quality supporting services, and highly affirm the performance and leveling accuracy of the three-in-one feeder equipment effect

Punch Press Servo Feeder integrates the three major stamping automation requirements of uncoiling, leveling, and feeding. Its loading, feeding, blocking, folding, leveling, feeding, and reloading can be easily performed on a 7-inch touch screen panel by one person. The operation can be completed, making the operation a kind of enjoyment, which greatly saves labor, and effectively solves the problem of large space occupied by the thick plate production line, and poor accuracy caused by uncoordinated leveling and feeding, and realizes high-precision automation. Flat feeding effect, very intelligent and efficient

Punch Press Servo Feeder wins widespread praise from customers

As a professional manufacturer, Dongguan Jeda Machinery takes "intelligence", "green", "safety" and "internationalization" as the development route, and continuously carries out technological attraction and R&D innovation, and strives to build a product that meets the needs of the domestic market. The high-quality Punch Press Servo Feeder for customer satisfaction. In addition, Dongguan Jieda Machinery has continued to improve and innovate, applying customer and market feedback to the development and improvement of the machine, so that the equipment of the three-in-one leveling feeder has been continuously improved and more Meet the customer's production requirements and operating habits

Products show their status and strength creates reputation. Dongguan Jieda Machinery keeps improving the intelligence of equipment as its purpose, and constantly develops and creates. When producing equipment, every component is used with high standards and strict requirements, so that customers can feel intelligent production. The charm of

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