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Structure and advantages of Servo Roll Feeder servo system

The servo system of Servo Roll Feeder is mainly composed of six functional components: man-machine interface, PLC controller, motion control processing unit, servo drive, servo motor, and external I/O, among which:

1. Man-machine interface: provide an interface for the operator to communicate with the feeder

2. PLC controller: focus on the processing of various signals and issue servo motion instructions to the computing unit

3. Motion control processing unit: do arithmetic processing for PLC servo motion commands and motor feedback, and control the output of the drive

4. Servo driver: receives instructions from the motion control processing unit, and outputs voltage and current to the motor

5. Servo motor: the power source of the punch NC servo feeder, high torque transmission, high positioning accuracy, energy saving and environmental protection

6. Motor feedback: feedback motor status

7. Length feedback: feedback feeding length

8. Counting feedback: feedback output counting

9. External I/O: control components required for machine control (detection, solenoid valve...)

Servo Roll Feeder is controlled by a servo control system to control the motor speed, and uses intelligent real-time monitoring technology to improve the accuracy and stability of the feeding. At the same time, it has a multi-stage feeding function to achieve the purpose of a single machine that can be used with a variety of complex molds.Structure and advantages of Servo Roll Feeder servo system

Features and advantages of the servo system of the punch NC servo feeder:

1. 7-inch friendly human-machine touch screen interface (Dongguan Jieda mechanical punch NC servo feeder is equipped with Taiwan Weilun touch screen as standard): The user-friendly interface design is simple and clear

①Adopt friendly man-machine touch screen operation-reduce complicated button operation

②Adopt intelligent setting interface-guided setting

③The servo motor is driven by the intelligent control system to control the operation of the NC servo feeder of the punch press

2. High efficiency and high precision: The servo control system of Dongguan Jieda Machinery Punch NC Servo Feeder adopts Yaskawa servo motor and Mitsubishi PLC, which has fast processing speed, excellent response speed, and high-performance motion control, which is more accurate and precise. Quickly control the motion curve to achieve stable, high-precision and high-efficiency feeding operations

3. Operation monitoring: real-time monitoring of the main motor running status, real-time monitoring of the stamping feeding status, stop immediately after the set value, abnormal information displayed by HMI, and at the same time issue a warning signal, and indicate the abnormal state elimination method and historical abnormal query to reduce The defective rate of stamping products improves the safety of stamping production

4. I/O real-time monitoring

5. The establishment and management of stamping feeding database: The punching NC servo feeder has stamping feeding memory function, which can input the memory in real time for the stamping parameters of different punching machines, such as matching mold, slider speed, stroke length, material parameters, etc., With the help of the establishment of the memory database, it can be taken out at any time when using different punches and different molds. After confirmation, the products can be punched quickly, which improves the customer's factory management and production efficiency.

6. High integration: integrates motion control, technical functions, PLC and closed-loop drive control, simplified to a single control, and can control the machine with only one system

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