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How to buy NC Mechanic Servo Feeder

Here are seven points about the purchase method of NC Mechanic Servo Feeder, for reference by the majority of stamping customers when purchasing:

1. Look at the electrical configuration

The quality of the core electrical configuration of NC Mechanic Servo Feeder directly affects its accuracy, stability, performance, life and failure rate. Therefore, the core electrical configuration is an important indicator to measure the quality of the NC Mechanic Servo Feeder. The electrical configuration is mainly reflected in Servo motor and driver brand, PLC brand, touch screen size and brand, circuit breaker and AC contactor brand

The electrical configuration of Dongguan Jeda Machinery NC Mechanic Servo Feeder is: Japan Mitsubishi servo motor and driver, Japan Mitsubishi PLC, Taiwan Weilun 7-inch touch screen

2. Ask about the production status of core mechanical components

The core mechanical components of NC Mechanic Servo Feeder are feeding rollers, bearings, gears, and timing belt wheels. The quality of these directly affects feeding accuracy, stability, failure rate, maintenance costs and service life.

Three, check the manufacturer's strength

Check the punch servo feeder manufacturer's brand, market share, market user reputation, punch and mold maker evaluation, annual production capacity, production years experience, manufacturer's comprehensive after-sales strength, and select a few and visit the manufacturer on-site.

Fourth, measure the performance of NC Mechanic Servo Feeder

It is recommended that customers go to the manufacturer to test the feeding accuracy, feeding speed, and feeding stability of the NC CNC feeder. Performance is the core point to distinguish a good machine from a bad machine.How to buy NC Mechanic Servo Feeder

5. Whether the operation meets the requirements

When using the NC Mechanic Servo Feeder, it is necessary to perform single-stroke feeding for trial molds. Therefore, not only a touch screen is required for operation, but also an operating handle is required. In addition, the height and size of the electrical box for operation also need to meet actual needs.

6. Is the installation, commissioning, training guidance, and after-sales service perfect and fast?

To purchase NC Mechanic Servo Feeder, you need to ask carefully whether the feeder manufacturer provides, installation, commissioning, training guidance, whether there are special personnel to solve the problems encountered in the later period, and strictly inspect the policies and systems in terms of warranty and parts replacement.

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