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Punch Press Servo Feeder is newly launched

The commonly used automatic feeding equipment for high-speed punch presses are Punch Press Servo Feeder, clip feeder and cam feeder. These three types of equipment are driven by the output shaft of the punch. Although they can achieve the purpose of high-speed feeding, they have very shortcomings. Obviously, it has no power and is limited by the mechanical structure. The scope of application is small, the flexibility is poor, and the maintenance cost is high. With the rapid development and maturity of servo technology, Dongguan Jieda Machinery Co., Ltd. recently designed and produced one for high-speed punching machines. This high-speed dual-servo feeder has been tested and improved in many ways, and its performance has become mature and stable. The new machine is on the market.Punch Press Servo Feeder is newly launched

Punch Press Servo Feeder, also known as high-speed dual-axis servo feeder, its principle is: equipped with two customized high-speed servo motors, through the resolver connected to the punch, high-speed feeding and relaxation actions that are precisely matched with the precise electronic cam of the punch are realized , The feeding speed can reach 1200 times/min, which can effectively exert the high-speed punching performance of the high-speed punch

Punch Press Servo Feeder models: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600 models are available, the applicable material width can reach 0-600mm, and the applicable material thickness can reach 0-7.5mm. This is a roller feeder, clamp type Feeders and cam feeders are far from reachable

Punch Press Servo Feeder is mainly used for high-speed and high-vibration stamping fields such as motor cores, transformer punching sheets, electrical switches, automobile chains, razor blades, lead-acid battery fences, bearing parts, beverage containers, etc.

Structural advantages of Punch Press Servo Feeder:

1. The machine body adopts a high-rigidity casting frame, which can withstand severe stamping vibrations, ensuring high-speed and high-precision feeding by the NC servo feeder

2. The signal acquisition adopts the resolver connected with the punch, and the feeding and relaxation signals are acquired accurately without delay

3. The operation is concentrated on the touch screen for easy setting, which can efficiently and quickly set the feeding length, feeding angle, relaxation angle, and material thickness. It is concise and intuitive. At the same time, it has the data storage function and the operation is very simple.

Dongguan Jieda Machinery Co., Ltd. Punch Press Servo Feeder has excellent performance, wide application range, simple maintenance and high performance ratio. Welcome stamping customers to visit and try

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