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Pneumatic Air Feeder Machine For Copper Coil Stamping

  • Model:AF-7C
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, Etc

Product Details

Quick Details
Use:SheetPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Brand Name:JiedaVoltage:380V/Customize
Power(W):0KWDimension(L*W*H): 1150*800*500mm
Weight:110kgCertification:CE and ISO
Warranty:1 YearMaterial thickness:0-2.0mm
Material width:0-250mm Feed length:0-250mm 
Feeding direction:CustomizePackaging details:Wooden box
Max speed:0-48m/minPort:Shenzhen/guangzhou port
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and trainingSupply Ability:30 Set/Sets per Month

Product Application:
1.Installation version, which is a right angle plate, is made of two iron plates of the same width, but we generally use cast iron for the mounting plate of small feeders. the squareness of the two faces must be controlled during the seating of the right angle plate: 90°. if the perpendicularity of these two surfaces cannot be guaranteed, it will result in the quality and stability of the machinery at work. therefore, we have strict requirements on this aspect during the processing of the mounting plate.
2.Mounting screws: one set. depending on the model, the mounting screws are different.
3.Filter: one piece. this is also called a water separator. prevent the water in the air compressor from entering the air feeder through the air tube, so that the machinery can not operate normally.
4.Trachea: one. connect the gas source to the mechanical air path and transfer the power source to the machine
5.Relaxation: a set. the role is to send signals to the feeder accessories
6.Consumables: a set of sealing rings. according to different models and configuration.

Automatic air feeder machine specification
Material width(mm)5065250
Material thickness(mm)0-0.80-1.20-2.0
Feeding length(mm) 50 80250
Air pressure4.54.54.5
Feeding directionLeft-right

Debugging Method:
After the air feeder is installed, it is necessary to carry out various movements to check whether it is normal operation, whether it is normal feeding, whether it is biased, whether there is a leak, and if you look at each step, you can keep up with it. . after the inspection, make sure that everything can achieve the customer's satisfaction.
The first step in commissioning is to switch on the air supply. adjust the filter (oil water separator) without screws to adjust the pressure. the general situation is to require more than 4.5kg of air pressure. adjust the air pressure first.
The second step of commissioning: open the sliding sleeve and let the air flow into the feeder. the third step of debugging: when the air flow enters into the body of the air feeder, the floating sleeve will pop up. at this moment, press the floating sleeve down by hand to check whether the moving slider can move back and forth; at the same time observe the fixed splint and the moving splint. whether the movements are synchronized (when the clamps are clamped, the moving splint should be in a relaxed state; vice versa).
Debug the third step: adjust the speed, use the speed control screw to adjust the machine operating speed, so that the operating speed and punch speed can be consistent.
The fourth step of debugging is to adjust the feed length and use the length adjustment screw to adjust the feed length.
Finally put the material on and check if there is an offset during feeding. all these actions are best done after the machine is installed and synchronized with the press.  

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