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Mechanical Air Feeder Machine For Steel Coil

  • Model:AF-2C
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, Etc

Product Details

Quick Details
Use:SheetPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Brand Name:JiedaVoltage:380V/Customize
Power(W):0KWDimension(L*W*H): 600*500*400mm
Weight:20kgCertification:CE and ISO
Warranty:1 YearMaterial thickness:0.1-0.8mm
Material width:0-65mm Feed length:0-80mm 
Feeding direction:CustomizePackaging details:Wooden box
Max speed:0-60m/minDelivery detail:telephone conversation
Max speed:0-160times/minPort:Shenzhen/guangzhou port
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and trainingSupply Ability:30 Set/Sets per Month

Product Application:
1. Switch on the air pressure, adjust the screw on the filter (oil water separator) to adjust the air pressure. generally, an air pressure of 4.5 kg or more is required. adjust the air pressure first
2. Open the sliding sleeve and let the air flow into the feeder
3. After the airflow enters the body of the air feeder, the floating sleeve will spring up. at this time, press the floating sleeve down with your hand to check whether the moving slider can move back and forth; at the same time, observe whether the actions of the fixed splint and the moving splint are synchronized. (when the fixed splint is clamped, the moving splint should be in a relaxed state; and vice versa)
4. Adjust the speed. use the speed adjusting screw to adjust the machine running speed so that the running speed and the punching speed can be consistent.
5. Adjust the feeding length. use the length adjustment screw to adjust the feeding length.
6. Put the material on, check whether the phenomenon of partial material occurs during the feeding process, and complete it in synchronization with the punch. 

Automatic air feeder machine specification
Material width(mm)5065200
Material thickness(mm)0.5-1.2
Feeding length(mm) 50 8080
Air pressure4.54.54.5
Feeding directionLeft-right

Causes and solutions of startup failure:
1. When it is difficult to start the air feeder, first determine whether it is caused by a pause for too long. if so, first replace the seal ring, refill the lubricant after cleaning and maintenance, and then push the lower slider with your hands before starting the machine.
2. Secondly check whether it is difficult to start due to lack of lubrication of the three point combination.
solution: Add lubricant to the three-point combination.
3. After the above two reasons are eliminated, check whether the iron chips are stuck in the air feeder cylinder and it is difficult to start. solution: remove the air feeder cylinder and clean it.  

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