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NC Coil Feeding Equipment Efficiency Optional Device

The three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press adopts a specific mechanical and electrical structure, and is equipped with a fully automated CNC control system. It uses the principle of a servo motor to drive the feeding roller to efficiently and automatically feed the material. It is usually used for medium and thick plate coils. Automated uncoiling, leveling, and feeding. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of customers' demand for automation, high efficiency and high precision stamping production, the three-in-one punch NC Coil Feeding Equipment has become the first choice for customers in the thick plate stamping industry. Gradually replace the traditional split automation equipment and become the mainstream equipment in the stamping market

Over the years, Dongguan Jieda Machinery has been committed to the development and production of better three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment for punch presses. While continuously improving the overall performance of the feeder, it has accumulated rich experience in R&D, manufacturing and field use. Dongguan City Jedda Machinery has summarized the experience of many customers in the field of stamping and found that when using the three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press, some simple optional devices can be used to achieve better uncoiling, leveling, feeding effects and prolong its service life.

Install multi-group rack photoelectric

The unwinding speed of the three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press directly affects the leveling feeding effect and service life. Multiple sets of photoelectric sensors control the unwinding speed, which can change the unwinding speed of the material rack from time to time, so that the unwinding is more stable and achieves complete and leveling feeding. The purpose of synchronous discharge of the machine head

Replace the traditional A-type iron with a stopper armNC Coil Feeding Equipment Efficiency Optional Device

Traditional material racks, material racks and levelers use A-type iron to fix the coils. The loading is cumbersome, and the edges of the racks are worn, which greatly reduces the effective working time. The configuration of the stop arm simplifies the coil. The material is installed and loaded, and the problem of the edge of the material roll is solved

Equipped with leveling feed pressure head device

The three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press is leveled and the feeding head feeds materials. The traditional manual push method is used, which is labor-intensive and dangerous. Especially when the thickness of the material is large, 3-5 people are often required to assist the feeding. Some even need to use a crowbar, the material is easy to rebound and hurt people, and the electric feeding head device is equipped to fundamentally solve the feeding problem. In actual use, you only need to use the punch three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment console. The material rack is controlled to rotate the material forward, and then the material supporting arm is raised, and the material is directly introduced into the pressing head device by the material supporting arm, and the material head is directly flattened by the electric pressing head device and sent between the leveling and feeding rollers. Complete feeding work

Equipped with worm gear motor head lifting device

The feeding line height adjustment of the three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press traditionally uses the manual adjustment method, which is slow and time-consuming and laborious. However, the three-in-one NC Coil Feeding Equipment of Dongguan Jedda mechanical punch press adopts a four-point vertical turbine worm synchronous transmission. Mode, adjustment is fast, stable, and highly reliable, which effectively shortens the time for shutting down and changing molds and debugging

With the cooperation of these commonly used optional devices, Dongguan Jieda Mechanical Punch Three-in-One NC Coil Feeding Equipment can reduce labor intensity and significantly improve the efficiency of uncoiling, leveling, and feeding.

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