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Types and characteristics of NCCoil Feeding Equipment

In the stamping production, the punch NCCoil Feeding Equipment has realized the automatic feeding of the stamping equipment, but the punch NCCoil Feeding Equipment will feed the materials for a long time, which will produce a certain cumulative error. In order to ensure the stamping accuracy, it is necessary to open the guide pin on the mold for correction. The material must be in a relaxed state to correct the exact position. This is what the stamping industry often says about relaxation. Press NCCoil Feeding Equipment is usually divided into two types according to the different ways of relaxation: pneumatic NCCoil Feeding Equipment and mechanical NCCoil Feeding Equipment. Different products are different. Molds need different relaxation methods, so you need to choose different models. The mechanical NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxes quickly and the relaxation distance is short. It is especially suitable for short-step high-speed feeding, while the pneumatic NCCoil Feeding Equipment is not limited by the stroke and can meet the requirements for a long time. Relax demand, especially suitable for large molds and non-high-speed stampingTypes and characteristics of NCCoil Feeding Equipment

NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxes the basic principle: First, press NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxes for the feeding rollers. The lower feeding rollers are installed at a fixed position and can only be rotated. The program-controlled servo motor is driven by a timing belt to make the lower rollers forward and reverse to achieve the feeding and For the purpose of unloading, the entire upper roller seat is fixed on the frame by the rotating shaft, and the return spring is tightened to make the upper and lower rollers compress the material, and the upper roller is fixed on the upper roller seat. When it needs to be relaxed, the entire upper roller seat is lifted. Separate the upper and lower rollers to realize the relaxation function, so as to facilitate the orientation and positioning of the mold when the material enters and stamping. The rotating shaft of the punch NCCoil Feeding Equipment is an eccentric shaft. The large handle can be rotated to adjust the initial gap between the upper and lower rollers to adapt to different material thicknesses.

Mechanical NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxation process: Punch NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxation lever is installed on the slide block of the punch press to move up and down with the slide block. When it moves downwards, it hits the mechanical relaxation bracket. Under the action of the mechanical relaxation rotation axis, the overall The upper roller seat moves up under the fulcrum of the rotating shaft to separate the upper and lower rollers and realize the relaxation function. When the slider moves upwards, the mechanical relaxation bracket resets slowly, and the roller seat spring fixing plate is pulled to the left by the return spring. Make the overall upper roller seat move downwards, and the upper and lower rollers can clamp the material again to realize feeding

Pneumatic NCCoil Feeding Equipment relaxation process: the pneumatic relaxation is controlled by the PLC program, and the program signal controls the pneumatic solenoid valve to drive the pneumatic relaxation cylinder to pull upwards, so that the entire upper roller seat moves upward, thereby separating the upper and lower rollers to realize the pneumatic relaxation function

According to the actual needs of customers, Dongguan Jieda Machinery can customize pneumatic and mechanical relaxation integrated NCCoil Feeding Equipment for customers. When you choose to use pneumatic relaxation, you don’t need to install the relaxation lever. When you choose to use mechanical relaxation, install it. To relax the lever, turn off the pneumatic relaxation function in the 7-inch Weilun touch screen. When the mechanical relaxation and pneumatic relaxation work at the same time, the two relaxation functions can be achieved, which can relax at a high speed and relax for a long time. The design is exquisite, convenient and practical.

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