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The advantages of NC Coil Feeding Equipment

Traditional air feeders have gradually withdrawn from the mainstream market of the stamping industry due to high failure rate, poor feeding accuracy, and frequent maintenance. The roller feeder powered by the output shaft of the punch has become the mainstream feeding equipment in the stamping market. The eccentric taping rod and rocker arm of the output shaft of the punch press are used as the power source, and the one-way device is used to realize the rolling clamping and feeding, but it still has shortcomings, that is, the feeding accuracy is low, the feeding step is limited, and the step adjustment is cumbersome. , There are no defects such as multi-stage feeding function, and the failure to realize fully automated operation affects the efficiency of the entire stamping production lineThe advantages of NC Coil Feeding Equipment

Dongguan Jieda Machinery Punch NC Coil Feeding Equipment is a new type of fully automated feeding equipment, which uses a servo motor as a drive source, and a complete electronic control system with PLC, servo drives, and touch screens. The feed roller is driven by the servo motor. Feeding, because the servo motor has the characteristics of controllable speed and precise positioning and conveying, the entire feeder has four major performance advantages:

1. The feeding step has high accuracy, and the feeding error is within ±0.02mm

2. The feeding step can be set quickly and arbitrarily through the touch screen

3. The feeding speed is fast, the pneumatic NC Coil Feeding Equipment can feed up to 200 times/min, and the mechanical NC Coil Feeding Equipment can feed up to 250 times/min.

4. The mechanism is self-locking during the feeding gap to ensure that there is no misfeeding and retreating of the plate and strip during other actions of the host, and will not cause a pitch error during the next feeding.

When the NC Coil Feeding Equipment of the punch press is actually used, it is connected to the two sets of cam groups of the punch, and receives the punch information through the PLC. At the beginning of the feeding interval, pulses are sent to the servo driver to drive the servo motor to rotate, and the servo motor works to drive the feeding drive wheel Rotate, the feeding driving wheel cooperates with the feeding driven wheel to realize the quantitative delivery of the material. At the end of the feeding interval, the PLC stops the servo motor through the servo drive and locks it, and then repeats the above process to achieve the quantitative delivery of the material

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