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Structural Features of NC Servo Coil Feeder Line for Punch Press

Features of Coil Feeder Line header:

1. The three-in-one NC servo Coil Feeder Line feeding motor of the punch press adopts Japanese high-torque servo motor, and is equipped with a complete set of Mitsubishi man-machine interface control system, which is easy to operate and has a high degree of automation.

2. There are 7 leveling rollers, which are distributed in the upper 4 and lower 3 structures, all of which are made of high-strength rolling bearing steel GCr15. After quenching and tempering treatment, the hardness can reach HRC60~62 degrees after the surface is plated with hard chromium, and the dimensional accuracy is 0.01mm.

3. The downward pressure of the upper leveling rod is adjusted synchronously by 4 Archimedes spiral worm gears, which has large downward pressure, good self-locking performance and high adjustment accuracy.

4. Feeding relaxation adopts pneumatic compression and relaxation, easy to operate and high pressure

5. The lower feeding roller is made of alloy structural steel 40Cr, and the hollow structure is quenched and tempered. The upper feeding roller is made of high-strength PU glue, which has good strength and low inertia and high feeding accuracy.Structural Features of NC Servo Coil Feeder Line for Punch Press

6. The eccentric shaft structure is adopted for leveling and relaxation, and the electrical signal given by the punch is used to relax quickly, press down forcefully, and guide the material accurately.

7. The frame adopts a worm gear lifting head with a range of 200mm, which is suitable for the needs of molds of different heights, and adopts electric control, which is convenient and labor-saving

Features of the material rack part:

1. The material rack spindle of the three-in-one NC servo Coil Feeder Line of the punch press adopts a hydraulic expansion system, which has a large tension force and good safety.

2. Equipped with a hydraulic pressure arm and a one-way clutch device to compress the material without loosening it and prevent the material from rebounding

3. The material rack adopts contrast photoelectric control to automatically operate

4. The material rack and the pressing arm have automatic pressure holding function, which can prevent the material from loosening

5. Equipped with automatic feeding device, automatic pulling device and pressing device. The feeding device is divided into a feeding and pressing arm and a feeding arm. The sensor controls the distance between the two parts.

6. The material frame has an automatic brake function to prevent the material from pulling off the motor base by inertia, and has a material frame to relax the limit function to prevent the cylinder from being damaged.

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