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Performance characteristics of NC Servo Coil Feeder Line

1. It integrates the three functions of Coil Feeder Line, leveling machine and material rack, which reduces the error during feeding and leveling, and achieves high-precision requirements.

2. Easy to install, and can greatly save floor space

3. Automated production not only improves the production efficiency, but also reduces the production cost and the labor intensity of the operator. It is the ideal equipment choice for the majority of electronics industry and metal stamping parts manufacturers.

The structural features of the three-in-one NC servo Coil Feeder Line of the punch press:

1. Material rack part:

The hydraulic expansion system is used to automatically lock and loosen the roll material, which has high reliability, low labor intensity and good safety. It is equipped with a material pressing arm to prevent the material from loosening. The material discharge adopts a photoelectric induction system, which automatically discharges the material. The material is lifted pneumatically, the curvature of the material is controlled to make the material feeding smoothly, and the material holding arm pushes the material sent by the pulling roller forward to the direction of the leveler, and is equipped with a photoelectric eye to start and stop the pulling roller.

2. Leveling part:Performance characteristics of NC Servo Coil Feeder Line

The leveling roller is made of high-quality round steel after high-frequency quenching and hard chrome plating. The surface hardness can reach HRC60℃ or higher, and the size can reach 0.01mm. The upper roller adopts a 4-point fine-tuning structure, and the worm gear is used to adjust the downward pressure. Lightweight, labor-saving, high adjustment accuracy, good self-locking, rectifying the loose part, adopting an eccentric shaft mechanism, flexible movement, high precision, and can be quickly relaxed through the electrical signal given by the punch, pressing down powerfully, and guiding the material accurately

3. Feeding part:

1) It is controlled by the original Japanese Mitsubishi high-efficiency computer servo system, which is simple and quick to operate, effectively shortening work preparation time and improving production efficiency

2) Body structure: one-piece molding, precise structure

3) The feed roller is heat-treated, plated with HRC60℃ hard chromium and then ground, with high hardness, strong wear resistance, long life, and the gears are fully ground, with low movement noise

4) The upper and lower feeding rollers adopt a gapless transmission structure to improve feeding accuracy

4. Discharge part:

The discharge height adopts a worm gear lifting system, which can be adjusted according to the punch mold line, and the adjustment range can reach 150mm. It is suitable for users of different specifications of product mold heights, and the adjustment is convenient, labor-saving and reliable.

5. Electric control part:

It adopts Japan Mitsubishi servo control system (Mitsubishi PLC operation panel, driver, servo motor, time limit meter, etc.) to achieve high-precision positioning. Through the man-machine interface, various parameters and operating conditions in operation can be monitored at any time. Various parameters can be set conveniently and quickly through the man-machine interface

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