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Before starting the Coil Feeder Line equipment

Before starting the equipment, the three-in-one Coil Feeder Line should pay attention to the amount of oil. It should not be higher or lower than the allowable range of the equipment. Observe the oil temperature gauge. The oil temperature should not be too low. If the oil temperature is too low, it will seriously affect The operation of the machine causes poor operation. At this time, the electric heating system of the machine can be used to increase the oil temperature. Finally, it is necessary to observe whether the pointer of the meter is normal.

    The three-in-one Coil Feeder Line should not be taken lightly during the working process. It is necessary to observe the change of the oil temperature gauge. Pay special attention to keeping the oil temperature control equipment and pressure control valve in working condition at all times, and the response is rapid, through the pressure indicator. Observe whether the oil filter is clogged, and also pay attention to whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic equipment. Oil leakage is generally due to too high oil temperature.

    In addition to the above three-in-one Coil Feeder Line daily inspection, the equipment must be inspected regularly, mainly to solve the Coil Feeder Line problem that cannot be solved under normal circumstances. At this time, the operation of the equipment must be completely stopped before proceeding. Inspection, regular inspection is generally carried out once every two weeks, Xinfei Ya Equipment Factory inspects from several aspects:Before starting the Coil Feeder Line equipment

    First check the maintenance of the mailbox, whether there is oil leakage or rust, and repair it in time to test whether the oil pump is loose and whether there is any problem with the piping system.

    Then there are all measuring equipment, such as oil temperature gauges, oil gauges, cooling equipment, oil filters, pressure gauges, and so on.

    The last is to check whether there is air in the inside of the equipment, and it is enough to remove the exhaust gas in time.

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