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Normal maintenance and regular inspection of NC servo Coil Feeder Line

The maintenance of NC Servo Coil Feeder Line mainly includes two aspects: normal maintenance and regular inspection:

First and foremost, the following aspects of ordinary maintenance must be done well:

1. There are some gears on the rollers, apply gear butter and compensate for the exchange of gear oil.

2. Is there any dirt between the rollers and foreign matter between the gears?

3. Are the screws and nuts used for communication between organizations loose?

4. Does the feeding roller have excellent parallelism?

5. Are there any abnormal phenomena such as damage and deformation?

6. Are the switches and display screens on the operation panel abnormal?Normal maintenance and regular inspection of NC servo Coil Feeder Line

The manufacturer of the three-in-one Coil Feeder Line said that most of the current punching presses are manually fed, which is very unsafe and easy to cause a stamping safety accident. Sometimes the feeding is not in place, and the stamping waste becomes a waste product. There are also traditional air Coil Feeder Line feeding. However, there are defects such as poor feeding accuracy, many running problems, slow feeding speed and difficulty in synchronizing punching work, and high maintenance rejects, which require high technical skills for operators, and are not suitable for mass-production stamping automation.

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