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Troubleshooting of the manufacturer's three-in-one Coil Feeder Line

Troubleshooting of the 3-in-1 Coil Feeder Line

1. During operation, the material belt shifts to the side and is skewed.

(1) Re-adjust the left and right guide wheels, the three-in-one Coil Feeder Line will make the feed to the discharge port be parallel when the material belt passes the roller.Troubleshooting of the manufacturer's three-in-one Coil Feeder Line

(2) Adjust the position of the adjustment screw so that the four points are pressed down evenly, and the pointer must point to the same value. After adjustment, the material belt can be straightened or flattened without skew.

2. The motor function fails, causing the machine to fail to operate.

(1) Check whether the IC circuit control board in the electrical box is off, shifted or damaged. Please re-insert it into the connection groove if the test system is damaged. Replace with a new board.

(2) Turn off the power and restart it.

(3) The three-in-one Coil Feeder Line checks whether the sensor rod is continuously touching the material belt or the body.

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