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The structure and principle of the drive device of the NC Coil Feeder Line of the punch press

Although the punch NC servo feeder is a new type of feeding equipment, because of its adjustable step, easy operation, wide applicability, and stable and reliable feeding accuracy, it has become the current punch feeding equipment favored by stamping customers.

The operation of the NC Coil Feeder Line of the punch press is controlled by a servo motor to feed the feed roller. Because the output torque of the servo motor is too small to meet the needs of use, a certain deceleration is required between the feed roller of the feeder and the servo motor to achieve an increase. For torque requirements, traditional punch NC servo feeders generally adopt two-stage synchronous wheel deceleration or one-stage synchronous wheel deceleration in addition to the use of a reducer in structure. In actual manufacturing and use of punch NC servo In the process of the feeder, due to the difference in structure, if the NC servo feeder of the punch press adopts two-stage synchronous wheel deceleration, it is inconvenient to install. At the same time, it will be more troublesome to replace the synchronous belt after the synchronous belt is worn out. In the actual use process, due to the relatively large deceleration and the small number of meshing teeth of the timing belt, the transmission efficiency of the NC feeder is reduced, and the effect is not very satisfactory.

This kind of traditional transmission structure punch NC Coil Feeder Line has more obvious disadvantages when feeding materials with a thickness of 4.0mm or more. For this reason, Dongguan Jieda Machinery, as a professional feeder manufacturer, is the driving device for the punch NC servo feeder. The structure has been greatly optimized and improved. The servo motor adopts a two-stage reduction drive for the feeding roller, the first stage is a synchronous belt drive, and its reduction ratio is 1/3, and the first stage is a gear transmission, and its reduction ratio is 1/3, which improves the transmission. The torque makes the transmission reduction ratio up to 1/9, which can avoid the problems caused by the different structures in the traditional punch NC servo feeder, effectively and reliably achieve the high-efficiency transmission effect, and the subsequent maintenance is more convenient and direct. Moreover, the feeding accuracy of the improved punch NC servo feeder can reach the feeding accuracy of the synchronous wheel drive. At the same time, the reduction ratio can be made as needed, and the problem of difficult installation due to insufficient installation space will not occur. While increasing the reduction ratio, It can reduce the power of the servo motor, can save costs, and truly give customers peace of mind and benefits

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