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Commissioning and operation of Coil Feeder Line

No matter how advanced and highly automated the equipment is, correct debugging and operation are indispensable for its efficient use value. The same applies to the use of stamping automation equipment. Coil Feeder Line, as the current advanced automation equipment, Because of its easy operation and stable performance, it is widely praised by stamping customers, but compared with other automation equipment, the three-in-one servo feeder of the punch press has few operators who have real contact and operation before, so it will encounter in actual use. Using difficult problems, for this reason, Dongguan Jieda Machinery will explain the debugging and operation methods of the punch three-in-one servo feeder here for the reference of the majority of operators:Commissioning and operation of Coil Feeder Line

1. The Coil Feeder Line is arranged on the side of the punch worktable. Pay special attention to the center line of the punch three-in-one servo feeder must be on the same line as the punch worktable, and then install the mold for the punch, according to the height of the mold in Dongguan City. Set the feeding height of the high feeder on the touch panel of the three-in-one servo feeder control panel of Da Machinery Punch, so that it is consistent with the height of the lower die installed on the punch.

2. Place the material roll required for stamping processing on the feeding trolley of the punch three-in-one servo feeder, and then start the trolley to slowly feed the material roll to the reduced material rack supporting tile plate, according to the actual material Adjust the width of the stop arm, and start the hydraulic expansion of the material rack at the same time, so that it will tension the material roll, and then the loading trolley can be returned to its original position.

3. Put down the material rack pressing wheel to press the material tightly, start the manual unloading function of the material rack, let it tightly press the material head part of the material roll, then cut the wire tie of the material roll, and raise the material support of the material rack The arm holds the material roll tightly

4. Start the manual discharging function of the material rack again, and let the material head convey forward under the cooperation of the pressing arm, the stop arm and the supporting arm, so that it will slowly enter the punch three-in-one servo feeder to level and feed the material. In the pressure head device, the material head is flattened by the leveling pressure head device and then slowly sent to the subsequent leveling feeder head

5. Adjust the worm wheel and worm hand wheel of the Coil Feeder Line leveler, adjust it several times to achieve a good leveling effect, and then manually control the material to slowly enter the mold

6. Adjust the feeder time and relaxation time according to the needs of the stamping process, and after several trial delivery to confirm that the feeding length is correct, you can start continuous stamping automated production

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