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Principle of synchronous operation of NC Coil Feeder Line and punching machine

NC Coil Feeder Line is an auxiliary mechanical equipment used with a punching machine. Its function is to automatically transport metal or non-metallic plates to the die position of the punching press. The slider of the punching press gradually presses the material into the die cavity.

At present, the roller feeder is mostly used in the stamping industry, which is the output shaft of the punch through the eccentric disk, cross joint, tie rod, rocker arm, and transmission shaft to complete the power transmission, because the final power source of the roller feeder is the output shaft of the punch Therefore, the synchronization performance of the NC servo feeder and the punching machine is accurately guaranteed, and the stamping owner understands it well. However, this also leads to a problem, that is, once the feeding step required for the stamping process changes, it takes a long time. Adjust the test machine time. In actual use, labor intensity is high, professional requirements are high, and time-consuming

Principle of synchronous operation of NC Coil Feeder Line and punching machine

Dongguan Jieda Machinery NC Coil Feeder Line is a new type of CNC feeding equipment. One of the purposes of its birth is to simplify the debugging, test process and time of traditional feeders, and reduce labor intensity. Its step setting is very simple and only A simple input is required on the touch screen of the NC servo feeder control box, but as a new type of equipment, many stamping owners do not have high awareness of it. Whether the NC servo feeder can truly realize synchronous feeding with a punching machine Doubts, this has also become a big trouble when Dongguan Jieda Machinery NC servo feeder is actually promoted. In order to fundamentally eliminate such doubts from customers, the professional technicians of Dongguan Jieda Machinery will explain the NC servo feeder here. Principle of synchronous operation with punch

Principle of synchronous operation of NC Coil Feeder Line and punching machine

In fact, the principle of synchronizing the NC Coil Feeder Line and the punching press of Dongguan Jeda Machinery is not complicated. Simply put, the PLC of the NC Coil Feeder Line receives the angular axis angle signal transmitted by the punching crankshaft encoder, and realizes the feeding, Relaxing action, in order to achieve the purpose of synchronous operation with the punch, to ensure the accuracy of each feeding and the reliability of punching, and the actual installation method to achieve this effect is also very simple, only need to connect two sets of cam signals from the punch ( One group is the feeding signal and the other is the relaxation signal), and then connect it to the PLC in the NC servo feeder electrical control box, and the PLC can accurately control the feeding action of the servo system to achieve high-quality cooperation with the punch

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