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Why choose JieDa Metal Coil Feeder Machine

As the current high-end stamping automation equipment, Coil Feeder Machine has been used for many years in foreign countries. The production line composed of it and the punching machine is called the short-flow stamping automation production line because of its small footprint and simple workflow. The share of split stamping production line has become the mainstream production line collocation in the foreign stamping market, and Dongguan Jeda Machinery is the first domestic manufacturer to introduce Metal Coil Feeder Machine into the stamping industry.

Why choose JieDa Metal Coil Feeder Machine

Most of the domestic stamping customers’ cognition of Coil Feeder Machine is limited to the small footprint and easy operation. Compared with other split production lines consisting of a single material rack, leveler, and feeder The advantages are unknown. For this reason, Dongguan Jieda Machinery will explain in detail the five advantages of the three-in-one servo feeder for punch presses, and explain why it can gradually replace the market share of split stamping production lines in foreign countries.

1. Metal Coil Feeder Machine has a wider range of applications, and can process thick plates and high-strength thick plate materials that cannot be processed by split stamping production lines.

As long as the split stamping production line is suitable for thin plate and medium plate materials below 4.0mm, once the thickness is thick and the material is tough, it cannot be used for processing and production. Many customers can only use purchased sheets and manual feeding. The emergence of the punch three-in-one servo feeder has fundamentally solved this processing problem. The thickness of the large flattened material can reach 12mm, and it can be applied to the processing and production of various high-strength plates. The processing and production of thick plate materials can also be automated

2. Coil Feeder Machine has higher leveling and feeding accuracy and better quality of finished products

The split punching production line composed of a single material rack, a leveler, and a punch feeder is a completely separate three equipment, and there is a waiting area between each equipment, which makes even if each equipment is installed The up-converter, its operation and matching cannot be completely synchronized, and will eventually affect the leveling and feeding accuracy to a greater or lesser extent, while the three-in-one servo feeder of the punch press integrates the rack, leveling and feeding into one machine. The above makes the collocation of the machines fully synchronized, and the control of the PLC closed-loop system truly ensures the leveling and feeding accuracy

3. Compact structure, small footprint

The split press production line needs to reserve a waiting area between the machine and the machine, so that customers need to reserve a large and long space in the layout of the plant, especially for materials above the medium plate, the layout space often requires about 10 meters. , And some even need to dig pits on the ground, and the three-in-one servo feeder of the punch press closely combines the three types of machines. The whole body is only about 4 meters, and there is no need for a waiting area. The discharge bracket device is Directly into the punching mold inlet, which will undoubtedly save a lot of space

4. Convenient operation and real automation, which greatly saves labor and reduces labor intensity

Although the split stamping production line can be automated when it is running, it requires a series of operations such as feeding, feeding, separate adjustment, test machine, and refueling manually, so that it does not truly realize automated production. The three-in-one servo feeder is a device that truly realizes automatic operation. Its feeding, feeding, blocking, folding, leveling, feeding, and reloading are all controlled by one person on the vertical console. Can be completed, greatly saving labor and reducing labor intensity

5. Imported core components, complete lubrication system, self-checking program, low failure rate

The core components of the Coil Feeder Machine are imported from Germany and Japan, such as Yaskawa servo motors and drives, Mitsubishi PLC, Omron Optoelectronics, Schneider circuit breakers, bearings from NSK, etc., and a complete lubrication system and its own Inspection procedures make the whole machine less wear, low failure rate and easy maintenance

Why choose JieDa Metal Coil Feeder Machine

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