3In1 NC Servo Feeder Machine


Servo Straightener Feeder For Stamping Automobile Disc Brake

  • Model:LMC5-1000H
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
  • Payment Terms: TT, L/C, D/A, Etc

Product Details

Quick Details
Condition:NewType:Straightener Feeder & Uncoiler
Use:Thick CoilPlace of Origin:Guangdong,China
Brand Name:JiedaVoltage:380V/Customize
Power(W):11KWDimension(L*W*H): 3960*3230*2960mm
Weight:8TCertification:CE and ISO
Warranty:1 YearMaterial thickness:0.8-9.0mm
Material width:70-1000mm Coil.I.D:508mm
Coil weight:8000kgFeed length:99999.99mm 
Coil.O.D:1400mmMain motor:AC11.0
Max speed:16m/minMarket:Global
Expansion:HydraulicPackaging details:Wooden box
Supply Ability:1 Set/Sets per MonthDelivery detail:telephone conversation
After-sales Service Provided:Field installation, commissioning and training Port:Shenzhen/guangzhou port

Product Application:
1.Stamping for automobile disc brake pads
Brake pads are components of disc brakes used in the automotive industry.
It is made of high strength steel coil and requires a coil feed line that can handle high strength metal coils well
2.Stamping for automobile shock absorber spring base
The spring base on the car shock absorber supports the spring of the shock absorber and prevents the positioning reference spring of the spring from moving during the movement, affecting the use of the suspension
3.Stamping for automobile seat belt components
Car seat belts are an essential safety device for every vehicle. our customers use high strength steel to stamp the seat belt mounting hardware.
4.Stamping for car seat side panels
High strength automobile seat side panels are replacing traditional thin plates, which have improved the load strength and impact resistance of seat frames, improved vehicle safety performance, and improved assembly accuracy of seats and other supporting components
5.Stamping for glass lifter guides
High strength steel coil used in glass lifter rail stamping can significantly increase the stiffness and strength of the rail without increasing the weight of the rail
6.Stamping for brake arm 

LMC5-H 3in1 Coil Feeder Straightener Uncoiler Machine Specification
Material width(mm)70-60070-80070-110070-1400
Material thickness(mm)0.8-9.00.8-9.00.8-9.00.8-9.0
Coil weight(kg)5000500070008000
Feed length(mm)9999.999999.999999.999999.99
Max speed(m/min)16161616
Straightener RollerUpper5/lower4Upper5/lower4Upper5/lower4Upper5/lower4
Feeder RollerUpper1/lower1Upper1/lower1Upper1/lower1Upper1/lower1
Main motorAC7.5AC7.5AC11.0AC15
Mandrel expansionHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Reel motor(kw)3.73.7/
Air pressure(mpa)0.490.490.490.49

Advantage compare to separate feeder line:
1. The difference in the space occupied by the production line layout
Combine the 3in1 servo feeder integrates the three functions of uncoiling, straightening and feeding, no material is required to be reserved in the waiting area, no matter what kind of material, its footprint is the size of the machine itself, usually 4-5 meters
For a split type automated press production line, a waiting interval must be reserved between the uncoiler, the straightener and the feeder. if the material thicker and feeding length is more, the waiting space is larger, especially the thick coil material stamping often requires a material waiting area of about 3 meters between the uncoiler.straightener and feeder, making the overall production line take up a lot of space.
2. Differences in production line debugging
The 3in1 servo feeder short process stamping production line is simple to use. basically, it's only needs to be connected to the power supply, and the point control operation on the touch screen can complete the debugging, which can cooperate with the punch test machine.
The split type automated press production line requires manual material introduction, feeding, and debugging on three types of machines: uncoiler, straightener, and feeder. the use is cumber some and requires a lot of manpower and material resources. especially when using wide metal coil and heavy coil weight, the simple priming and feeding processes require multiple people to assist in traction, and often use crowbars to assist in the process, which not only hurts people but also easily causes machine damage.
3. Differences in production line operations
The operation of the 3in1 servo feeder can be easily completed through the touch screen and the handle, which can automatically realize the functions of loading, pressing, holding, leading, folding, straightening, and feeding.
The split type automated production line for punching requires three types of machines to carry out the material loading, feeding, blocking, operation, and testing, which are completely separate operations, and the operation is relatively tedious.  

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